Communities throughout Texas have hosted workshops based on the Sequential Intercept Model (SIM) to make and carry out local plans for improvements in their behavioral health and justice systems. These plans identify steps and local opportunities to divert people with behavioral health needs from the justice system to treatment.

To support communities in making these fixes and taking more extensive action, the Behavioral Health and Justice Technical Assistance Center has created a SIM Leadership Community of Practice for Texas-based communities that have completed a SIM mapping process facilitated by HHSC, the Judicial Commission on Mental Health, or another team.

The Community of Practice is overseen by subject matter experts seeking to achieve the shared goals established during a SIM mapping workshop. Participants help each other meet shared goals by:

  • Refining and executing participants’ action plans.

  • Refreshing and enhancing their understanding of promising, best, and evidence-based practices to carry out and implement their priorities.

  • Addressing challenges and accessing technical assistance and peer guidance.

  • Identifying related work in other Texas-based communities and building productive relationships with communities working on similar priorities.

Eleven community-based teams across 17 counties are participating in the SIM Community of Practice:

If you are a part of the Community of Practice, you may receive access to additional resources by requesting an account below.