The photo is correlated with the Technical Assistance section of the website and features an individual seated at a table, actively engaged in their work. They are captured writing in a notebook while an open laptop sits nearby. On the table, a coffee mug and a blurred flower add subtle elements to the scene.
Technical Assistance
The TA Center helps Texans find resources related to behavioral health and justice services. Learn more about how we can support you and your community.
The image depicts a large conference room filled with attendees listening attentively to a workshop on Sequential Intercept Mapping. On a projector screen at the front of the room, a Texas Health and Human Services PowerPoint slide is displayed. The slide reads "Sequential Intercept Mapping" at the top, and "Day 2: Taking Action for Change" in the center. A speaker is leading the workshop and can be seen holding a microphone, engaging with the audience. The participants in the crowd are actively listening and taking notes.
Sequential Intercept Mapping
SIM Mapping Workshops identify strategies to divert people with MI, SUD and/or IDD from the justice system into treatment. Learn more about SIM mapping here.
The image showcases a woman in a professional setting and in front of a laptop. She is wearing a microphone headset, indicating some involvement in interactive communication or remote work. The woman's position suggests active engagement and concentration as she carries out her tasks, likely involving assisting or providing support to others. In the background, another individual is faintly visible, also wearing a microphone headset, indicating being and working in an office setting together.
Innovative Texas Programs
The TA Center highlights innovative programs that reduce and prevent justice involvement for Texans. Learn more and submit your innovative program.