The image depicts a large conference room filled with attendees listening attentively to a workshop on Sequential Intercept Mapping. On a projector screen at the front of the room, a Texas Health and Human Services PowerPoint slide is displayed. The slide reads "Sequential Intercept Mapping" at the top, and "Day 2: Taking Action for Change" in the center. A speaker is leading the workshop and can be seen holding a microphone, engaging with the audience. The participants in the crowd are actively listening and taking notes.

Transforming Behavioral Health and Justice Systems in Texas

Texas Behavioral Health and Justice Technical Assistance Center
Nearly 40% of people arrested and booked into Texas county jails struggle with mental illness and substance use disorders. The Texas Behavioral Health and Justice Technical Assistance Center works to reduce this number by providing specialized training and guidance for behavioral health and justice system professionals.

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The photo is correlated with the Technical Assistance section of the website and features an individual seated at a table, actively engaged in their work. They are captured writing in a notebook while an open laptop sits nearby. On the table, a coffee mug and a blurred flower add subtle elements to the scene.
Technical Assistance
Request personalized support and resources for your community.
The image depicts an individual standing in front of a whiteboard, actively engaged in writing and mapping out information. Their actions suggest their involvement in visually representing or diagramming components associated with the Sequential Intercept Mapping model. They are likely illustrating connections, concepts, or data points relevant to the model, contributing to the understanding and exploration of intercepts within the context of behavioral health and justice.
Sequential Intercept Mapping
Resource mapping and strategic planning support through Sequential Intercept Model Mapping workshops.
The image portrays an individual receiving treatment from one healthcare professional, accompanied by another healthcare professional who is seated nearby. The scene captures a moment of care and support as the healthcare professionals attend to the individual's needs.
Innovative Texas Programs
Spotlight on programs helping to reduce and prevent Texans with mental illness and substance disorders from becoming involved in the justice system.
The photo showcases a collaborative learning environment with a room filled with people actively participating. The primary focus is on two individuals situated at the front, who are engrossed in a conversation while examining documents together. The image captures their engaged interaction, highlighting the importance of active communication and collaboration within a learning setting. The presence of other participants in the background suggests a vibrant and inclusive learning atmosphere where shared knowledge and meaningful discussions are occurring.
Learn and Engage
Behavioral health and justice learning groups offering collaboration with system leaders across Texas.


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