Between 2012 and 2019, teen suicide increased by 41% in Texas, and youth involved in the justice system are at increased risk of death by suicide. Estimates show that 70% of youth arrested every year have a mental health condition. For adults, suicide risk upon release from jail or prison is approximately 18 times higher during the first month, with the first day after release being the highest risk. This trend is also seen with youth.

Behavioral health and justice professionals can address this challenge in three-parts:  

Suicide Care in Texas Juvenile Justice Settings Learning Collaborative Goals: 

  • Increase awareness of Zero Suicide values, elements, system management practices, and evidence-based clinical care practices. 

  • Develop plans to adopt and implement the Zero Suicide framework within local juvenile justice systems. 

  • Initiate changes in policy or practice to reduce and prevent suicide among justice involved youth. 

  • Reduce death by suicide among justice involved youth. 

  • Increase connections to care for youth with ongoing behavioral health needs.