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Texas Criminal Justice Data Snapshot

February 15, 2024

Data is a critical tool for leaders who want to learn about their state's unique criminal justice challenges. The Bureau of Justice Assistance and The Council of State Governments Justice Center's Texas Criminal Justice Data Snapshot for December 2023 contains national and state-specific data on crime, correctional populations, recidivism, and other important criminal justice metrics to equip state leaders to make informed decisions.

The snapshots represent 1,200 pages of unique analyses for 50 states and the District of Columbia of data collected from over 75 sources. Some figures in the report may be left blank, as not all data points were available in every state.

About the Data

The report examines data about the criminal justice system process at key decision-making points within the system. The snapshots start with the point of entry of crime and arrest, through the corrections population--including those in custody and non-custodial settings--and end with reentry and recidivism.

The Goal of the Snapshot

The snapshot aims to provide state leaders with a big picture of key state data points across the criminal justice system. These data ground policy discussions and offer common starting points for essential conversations on how and where to improve the criminal justice system in all states within the country.

How to Access the Texas Criminal Justice Data Snapshot

Click here to view the Texas Criminal Justice Data Snapshot.

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